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Warriors "Reds" Remain Top Of The Table

posted 20 May 2013, 23:22 by Aberdeen Warriors   [ updated 20 May 2013, 23:26 ]
Aberdeen Warriors "Reds" Remain top of the Northern Scottish Conference after a home win over Moray Titans. 

The Titans traveled to Aberdeen with a squad of 11 players after some lat call offs with players having to work and unfortunately some injuries from the week previous but as usual they were determined to play, The Warriors loaned 4 players to help the Titans and it also gave 4 Development players a game as they had a week off. the Warriors made 2 changed to the starting line up with Tommy Morrison and Danny Hazzard unable to attend due to work saw development players Jack Burnett and Niall Hall come into the squad.

For the Second week in a row the Scottish weather has been atrocious which hindered the speed of the game but in some respects aided the Titans in their style of play.  Titans applied the pressure from the outset with the initial kick off caused the Warriors into a goal line drop out and for the next 10 minutes created a lot of pressure on the Warriors who just couldn't seem to complete a set. Defense however was fantastic with some great gang tackles and putting a pile of pressure onto the attacking Titans. 

Try Scoring opened after 15 minutes with an attacking set starting in the Warriors 10m and for the first completed set managed to go the length with big prop Stuart Gray going over for the first of the day with Tom Aplin converting. The warriors would then score off the next set with new comer Billy Bissett who scored in the corner try unconverted. The warriors would then continue to apply perssure and on the 22nd Stuart Gray would go over for his second, on the 25th Dominic Wallen would break the defensive line with some great footwork that aided him from rolling out of that tackle and not being held forward roll up and manage an easy put down at the posts. On 31st Min the Warriors had their last try of the half coming from Tom Aplin who barged his way over the line, Aplin converted another 2. end of the half score 26-0

The Second half got under way with some outstanding defense from the Visitors, The Warriors eventually managed to break through the Titans defense on the 51st min with Jordan Robertson dashing up the wing to score in the corner no conversion. The Titans just didn't back down and after some sloppy play by the warriors they capitalized on back to back mistakes and eventually went over thanks to old faithful Adam Harrison who lead his troups on from the kick off, Philip Abbott converting. From the resulting kick off the Warriors applied some great defense and unfortunately for the Titans who's outstanding kicker forgot what code he was playing put the kick in on the 2nd tackle as the words "oh no im not playing union sorry lads my bad" came out his mouth, that said the ball traveled almost 70 meters and almost ended up in a 40-20 but thanks to the the Warriors young winger Damien Gennochio managing to get the ball and get back up the field, after 3 tackles Jonny Gray who has some outstanding feet went over for the try, Doug Russell converted. 5 minutes later after a barrage of runs young hooker Jack Burnett jumped over the line for the last try of the game with Doug Russell converting. By this point the extremely heavy down pour of rain was making things difficult for both teams with the Titans already having 3 players off injured and Mitchell Scott willingly going over earlier in the game to aid the Titans fill their side of 13 on the pitch to keep things fair the referee deemed that the conditions were getting worse and before somebody got injured called the game after 70 mins. 

Juite Tupua caused the Warriors some real problems both in attack and defense. The Titans Flying Fijian had some excellent feet and deservedly put in a man of the match performance for the Titans.

Replacement Prop Shane Clark came on the park after being promoted from the "whites" the week before had a stormer gaining some big yards and making some excellent tackles earned him the Warriors man of the match

Aberdeen Warriors "Reds" Sponsored by Reids Autobody Repairs
1. Mitchell Scott (Sponsored by Renessance Property)
2. Jordan Robertson
3. Billy Bissett
4. Ross Lumbsden
5. Josh Walker
6. Doug Russell (C)
7. Tom Aplin (Sponsored by EAM Engineering)
8. Liam Reid
9. Jack Burnett
10. Stuart Clark
11. Carwyn Walker (Sponsored by Laura Walker Health for Fitness)
12. Jonny Gray
13. Dominic Wallen (Sponsored by Prestige The Laundry)
14. Andy Little 
15. Bobby Stables
16. Aiden Holland
17. Niall Hall (Sponsored by Agile Business Consultants)
18. Damien Gennochio (Sponsored by Stainless & Alloy)
19. Shane Clark
20. Glenn Feighan
(All Subs used and Mitchell Joined Moray Titans in the 2nd Half)

Moray Titans (sponsored by Tony's Driver Training Centre)
Jamie Durkin (c)
Ewan Stuart
Phil Abbott
Jiute Tupua's
Jonathan Lockwood
Adam Harrison 
Lewis Emslie
Tom Morgan
Ryan Botha
Harley Oldham
John Cunliffe

Angus Clark* (On loan from Aberdeen Warriors)
Finlay McMillan* (On load from Aberdeen Warriors)
Alex Paterson* (On loan from Aberdeen Warriors)
Scott McNeil* (On loan from Aberdeen Warriors)

Billy Bissett going in for the tackle