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Warriors "Reds" Remain Top Of The Table

posted 20 May 2013, 23:22 by Aberdeen Warriors   [ updated 20 May 2013, 23:26 ]

Aberdeen Warriors "Reds" Remain top of the Northern Scottish Conference after a home win over Moray Titans. 

The Titans traveled to Aberdeen with a squad of 11 players after some lat call offs with players having to work and unfortunately some injuries from the week previous but as usual they were determined to play, The Warriors loaned 4 players to help the Titans and it also gave 4 Development players a game as they had a week off. the Warriors made 2 changed to the starting line up with Tommy Morrison and Danny Hazzard unable to attend due to work saw development players Jack Burnett and Niall Hall come into the squad.

For the Second week in a row the Scottish weather has been atrocious which hindered the speed of the game but in some respects aided the Titans in their style of play.  Titans applied the pressure from the outset with the initial kick off caused the Warriors into a goal line drop out and for the next 10 minutes created a lot of pressure on the Warriors who just couldn't seem to complete a set. Defense however was fantastic with some great gang tackles and putting a pile of pressure onto the attacking Titans. 

Try Scoring opened after 15 minutes with an attacking set starting in the Warriors 10m and for the first completed set managed to go the length with big prop Stuart Gray going over for the first of the day with Tom Aplin converting. The warriors would then score off the next set with new comer Billy Bissett who scored in the corner try unconverted. The warriors would then continue to apply perssure and on the 22nd Stuart Gray would go over for his second, on the 25th Dominic Wallen would break the defensive line with some great footwork that aided him from rolling out of that tackle and not being held forward roll up and manage an easy put down at the posts. On 31st Min the Warriors had their last try of the half coming from Tom Aplin who barged his way over the line, Aplin converted another 2. end of the half score 26-0

The Second half got under way with some outstanding defense from the Visitors, The Warriors eventually managed to break through the Titans defense on the 51st min with Jordan Robertson dashing up the wing to score in the corner no conversion. The Titans just didn't back down and after some sloppy play by the warriors they capitalized on back to back mistakes and eventually went over thanks to old faithful Adam Harrison who lead his troups on from the kick off, Philip Abbott converting. From the resulting kick off the Warriors applied some great defense and unfortunately for the Titans who's outstanding kicker forgot what code he was playing put the kick in on the 2nd tackle as the words "oh no im not playing union sorry lads my bad" came out his mouth, that said the ball traveled almost 70 meters and almost ended up in a 40-20 but thanks to the the Warriors young winger Damien Gennochio managing to get the ball and get back up the field, after 3 tackles Jonny Gray who has some outstanding feet went over for the try, Doug Russell converted. 5 minutes later after a barrage of runs young hooker Jack Burnett jumped over the line for the last try of the game with Doug Russell converting. By this point the extremely heavy down pour of rain was making things difficult for both teams with the Titans already having 3 players off injured and Mitchell Scott willingly going over earlier in the game to aid the Titans fill their side of 13 on the pitch to keep things fair the referee deemed that the conditions were getting worse and before somebody got injured called the game after 70 mins. 

Juite Tupua caused the Warriors some real problems both in attack and defense. The Titans Flying Fijian had some excellent feet and deservedly put in a man of the match performance for the Titans.

Replacement Prop Shane Clark came on the park after being promoted from the "whites" the week before had a stormer gaining some big yards and making some excellent tackles earned him the Warriors man of the match

Aberdeen Warriors "Reds" Sponsored by Reids Autobody Repairs
1. Mitchell Scott (Sponsored by Renessance Property)
2. Jordan Robertson
3. Billy Bissett
4. Ross Lumbsden
5. Josh Walker
6. Doug Russell (C)
7. Tom Aplin (Sponsored by EAM Engineering)
8. Liam Reid
9. Jack Burnett
10. Stuart Clark
11. Carwyn Walker (Sponsored by Laura Walker Health for Fitness)
12. Jonny Gray
13. Dominic Wallen (Sponsored by Prestige The Laundry)
14. Andy Little 
15. Bobby Stables
16. Aiden Holland
17. Niall Hall (Sponsored by Agile Business Consultants)
18. Damien Gennochio (Sponsored by Stainless & Alloy)
19. Shane Clark
20. Glenn Feighan
(All Subs used and Mitchell Joined Moray Titans in the 2nd Half)

Moray Titans (sponsored by Tony's Driver Training Centre)
Jamie Durkin (c)
Ewan Stuart
Phil Abbott
Jiute Tupua's
Jonathan Lockwood
Adam Harrison 
Lewis Emslie
Tom Morgan
Ryan Botha
Harley Oldham
John Cunliffe

Angus Clark* (On loan from Aberdeen Warriors)
Finlay McMillan* (On load from Aberdeen Warriors)
Alex Paterson* (On loan from Aberdeen Warriors)
Scott McNeil* (On loan from Aberdeen Warriors)

Billy Bissett going in for the tackle

Warriors "Reds" Face the Titans in their first home game of the 2013 season

posted 17 May 2013, 02:25 by Aberdeen Warriors

The Warriors "Reds" will face off against Moray Titans this Saturday the 18th May at 1400 for the First home game at the new home ground of Hazlehead Academy. 

The Reds after a good win last week will look at over coming the Titans who narrowly lost out to the Development Squad "the Whites" just 7 days ago. The Reds are missing a few players this week that were involved last week with Andrew Milburn, Matt McCall Aaron Robertson and Craig Hume all unavailable with work, Ali O'Connor is ruled out with a groin injury and Bobby Stables who put in a Man of the Match performance is resting up as he travels to Whitehaven on Saturday to play for the Scotland Students against England Collages. With those unavailable the club are happy to say that Danny "the dukes of" Hazzard returns from his holiday along with Glenn Feighan and Aidan Holland returns to the squad after studying for his finals at Aberdeen University, Aidan will also be travelling to Whitehaven to Represent Scotland Students on Saturday after the game. Last Seasons Warriors Man of Steel award winner Tom Aplin returns after being in the USA with his University course.  After a great performance last week Damien Gennochio, Jack Burnett and Shane Clark get called up to the Reds team in the 20 man squad with Dominic Wallen gaining the 13 jersey after his Man of the Match Performance last week. New comer Billy Bissett gets his opportunity to wear the red 3 this week and is looking forward to his first game of rugby league. "I cant wait to play the game, Ive known Craig for years as we played rugby together as kids, through the age groups and played in the Army Rugby Union U21s together. He invited me along and i thought id give it a go, Its all a bit new but after the trial game the other week I've been desperate to play again"  Says Billy. 

"This season is just fantastic and seeing how the club is growing both Ray and I along with the committee are over the moon. I'm really looking forward to seeing Billy play again its been a few years since I've seen him in a competitive game but in training he just goes all out, hes an out and out athlete, strong aggressive and loves the game of rugby. I'm looking forward to the Titans coming down this weekend they showed some good rugby last week with a bit more structure than previous games, they have a very good kicker who put the Whites under a lot of pressure last week and scored 4 of their tries off his kicks. Our boys have trained hard all week and focused hard on our defense. Its good to see the depth we have going on at the club and I'm sure that the boys out injured or unavailable this week will be determined to fight for their jersey again next week" says Head Coach Craig Parslow.

The Development Squad "the Whites" have a week off however the 20+ players will be coming together and will have a training session at 1100 on Saturday at Hazlehead to keep up the good work and get some good team cohesion going, The will also be helping out as Aberdeen Rugby League will also be hosting a youth festival at 1000 at Hazlehead on Saturday where we will be welcoming local clubs Montrose up for a hit out as well as some local schools. providing things go well the U17s will have a competition if not a mixed hit our with the Whites will be taking place after a short training session. 

Aberdeen Warriors "Reds" Squad V Moray Titans 
Starting XIII
1. Mitchell Scott
2. Jordan Robertson
3. Billy Bissett
4. Ross Lumbsden
5. Josh Walker
6. Doug Russell (Captain)
7. Tom Aplin
8. Liam Reid
9. Tommy Morrison
10. Stuart Gray
11. Carwyn Walker
12. Jonny Gray
13 Dominic Wallen
14. Danny Hazzard
15. Andy Little.
16. Aidan Holland
17. Jack Burnett
18. Damien Gennochio
19. Shane Clark
20. Glenn Feighan

Warriors Triumph at Moray Magic 1 (Elgin)

posted 11 May 2013, 12:38 by Aberdeen Warriors   [ updated 11 May 2013, 12:56 ]

Both Aberdeen Warriors displayed sterling efforts today in two fantastic games over Moray Titans and Kinloss Eagles at the Doocat today May 11th 2013.

The day started with a dreary and rainy bus journey up North for the first time to what is usually a bright and scorching day a the Doocat. The Aberdeen Development side the "Whites" faced off against the local team Moray Titans in an outstanding game. The Titans look to be in the best shape they have ever been with a big set of forwards and quick backs. the big difference was their new kicker who caused the most problems for the Aberdeen Side. 

The Whites who the majority were U18 just wouldn't stop taking it to the Titans and with the majority debutantes to the open age team they have certainly earned their right in retaining their jersey for the next fixture. Outstanding performances in the 36 - 22 win came from the Warriors U18 players of Damien Gennochio, Niall Hall, Angus Grindlay, Angus Clark and Scott McNeil. Big players and the men that lead the charge was Dominic Wallen and Shane Clark. New Hooker Jack Burnett ran the show from hooker and shows great promise for the club. try scorers were Shane "Teddy" Clark x 2, Ryan Bowran x 2, Damien Gennochio and Jack Burnett x 2 

The 1st XIII Warriors side the "Reds" came out guns blazing over a tough Kinloss side filled with members of the Royal Engineers who put up a hard fight and with no training and  alot of whom had their first encounter of the code showed the Warriors what being a British Soldier was all about.. Hard Hits and strong running were in the arsenal of the Eagles team but the lack of cohesion and knowledge of the game cost the Eagles but by no means a lack of heart. From the first whistle to the last they just did not stop and everything at 100mph.  

The Warriors played some good hard hitting rugby with some great offloads and newcomers Tommy Morrison and Jonny Gray fitting straight in with the older members. Strong performances from the Scotland A and Student players of Aaron Robertson, Stuart Gray and Bobby Stables helped with the warriors victory along with Scotland U18 players of Jordan Robertson and Mitchell Scott. As usual Liam Reid, Douglas Russell, Andy Little put in a huge shift and big runs from Andy Milburn and Ross Lumbsden seemed to over power the Eagles defense, Carwyn Walker the young Scotland U18 player played the finest game he has done in a while with commanding the forwards and some good strong runs. The outstanding player of the day was Scotland Students Prop Bobby Stables who just didn't stop! His tenacity in defense with  big hits and aggression helped build the rest of the team and his strong ball carrying aided in the victory of the warriors 78-8 win over what will become a very strong Eagles side. 

"What a day of rugby, Titans seem to have come on leaps and bounds and New comers the Eagles are surely going to come on in the coming weeks especially with the return of players from Royal Engineer Corps Rugby League team coming back from South Africa on a rugby tour. The Norther Conference is going to get a hell of a lot tougher and we will have to do a lot of work to keep on our current form. I'm most impressed with our development players today who stuck in and against a team twice there size and came away with a well earned win. Our 1st XII the "reds" have the Titans at home next week and all clubs will meet again on Moray Magic 2 in Kinloss on the 1st of June and we have a lot of work to be done by then" says Head Coach Craig Parslow

The day finished with some well earned beverages, great chat and a great BBQ. 

Warriors Whites (Sponsored by by The Old Schoolhouse)
1. Alex Paterson 2. Raoul Sutcliffe 3. Tom Lee 4. Damien Gennochio (Sponsored by Stainless and Alloy) 5. Ryan Bowran 6. Scott McNeil 7. Niall Hall (sponsored by Agile Business Consultants) 8. Shane Clark 9. Jack Burnett 10. Angus Clark 11. Angus Grindlay (Sponsored by Red Seal) 12. Finlay McMillan 13. Dominic Wallen (Sponsored by Prestige Laundry Service)

Warriors Reds (Sponsored by Reids Autobody Repair)
1. Mitchell Scott (Sponsored by Renaissance Property) 2. Jordan Robertson 3. Andrew Milburn (Sponsored by Stork) 4. Tommy Morrison 5. Josh Walker 6. Douglas Russell (C) 7. Alisdair O'Connor (Sponsored by Speakerbox PR) 8. Liam Reid 9. Craig Hume 10. Bobby stables 11. Aaron Robertson 12. Stuart Gray 13. Carwyn Walker (Sponsored by Laura A Walker Fitness for Health) 14. Matt McCall 15. Jonny Gray 16. Ross Lumbsden 17. Andy Little 

Warriors ready for retaining North Title

posted 10 May 2013, 06:20 by Aberdeen Warriors   [ updated 10 May 2013, 06:49 ]

Aberdeen Warriors senior team are ready for tomorrows opening fixture against new comers Kinloss Eagles. 

Warriors are set to go and after some good training sessions and the return of many players they are set on retaining the North Scotland League Title. 

"Kinloss Eagles are a new team to the league and we have no idea what to expect, I know some of the lads from the Army who are based up there and they are fit, strong and aggressive players its going to be a hard fought game" says Assistant Coach Darren Singer, 

"We have a strong side going out tomorrow with a few new faces to the squad and promotion for some of the youth lads coming up form the age groups. We have the luxury of the Scotland A players of Aaron Robertson and Stuart Gray in the second row and Ali O'Connor at half back joined by Team Captain Doug Russell stepping into the 5/8ths role, Scotland Student prop Bobby stables back in the front row with Club Captain Liam Reid. Scotland U18 player Carwyn Walker has been working hard over the off-season and has earned the 13 jersey for this weekend.  Craig Hume moves to hooker from half back. in the midfield we are giving young Tommy Morrison a shot at center as he has impress the coaching staff in the weeks leading to the game and he will be partnered with Andy Milburn who returns to the team. The back 3 for this weekend are young but have a bright future, Josh Walker on the wing is partnered with Scotland U18 duo of Jordan Robertson on the wing and Mitchell Scott at full back. The interchanges this week are just as ferocious as those in the starting XIII, Matt McCall, Ross Lumbsden, Andy Little and new comer Jonny Gray take the bench in what will be a hard game. If we play to our strengths and put our patterns together we should be able to give these guys a good go. Its been a while since the boys played a proper game so only time will tell but I have full confidence in the squad chosen for the opening match. We still have some big players away this week with Tom Aplin and Richard Roach still on holiday until next week and Euan Minellas out with Injury. Ex Combined Services player Lance Tallett will be returning next week as he is in Ireland this week for a wedding." expressed head coach Craig Parslow.

The clubs senior section is continuing to grow and the quality of players coming through seems to be giving the boys a boost and confidence in what ever side they are playing in. 2013 looks like it will be exciting and we are really excited to see the three Northern clubs go at it this weekend. 

Warriors Squad 
1. Mitchell Scott (Sponsored by Renaissance Property) 
2. Jordan Robertson
3. Andrew Milburn (Sponsored by Stork)
4. Tommy Morrison
5. Josh Walker
6. Douglas Russell (C)
7. Alisdair O'Connor (Sponsored by Speakerbox PR)
8. Liam Reid
9. Craig Hume
10. Bobby stables
11. Aaron Robertson
12. Stuart Gray
13. Carwyn Walker (Sponsored by Laura A Walker Fitness for Health)
14. Matt McCall
15. Jonny Gray
16. Ross Lumbsden
17. Andy Little

Head Coach. Craig Parslow (sponsored by Speakerbox PR)
Assistant Coach. Darren Singer (Sponsored by Mr Graham Singer)

Warriors Development side (The Whites) show great depth in the club.

posted 10 May 2013, 03:23 by Aberdeen Warriors   [ updated 10 May 2013, 06:01 ]

Aberdeen Warriors development side kick off their 2013 campaign at the Doocat in Elgin where they face off against Moray Titans. 

The Whites as they are known will be a young team full of aspiring Rugby League players who have an abundance of knowledge and strength as the majority of them have all played at Scotland Youth Representative levels. Damien Gennochio, Scott McNeil, Alex Paterson, Niall Hall, Raoul Sutcliffe, Dominic Wallen, Angus Grindlay, Angus Clark, Charlie Wilson and Finlay MacMillan are now either currently playing or have played for a Scotland Youth side over the last 2 seasons and current Scotland A player Dan Retter will be assisting them this weekend in their Northern League Battle. 

"To have 11 of the 17 players in our Development side who have represented Scotland is just something incredible, it just shows the depth we have up here in Aberdeen" Says Head Coach Craig Parslow. Senior players of Shane "Teddy" Clark and Stuart MacPhearson in the pack aids in the bulk and power to get over the gain line. New hooker Jack Burnett joining the club is an exciting little player who seems to come alive in the game of league. Tom Lee the club veteran will keep the composure of the side in this Weekends clash. 

There are still a lot of players out for this weekends game with injury or work commitments but the Warriors Development lads feel confident in a good performance on Saturday. 

Kick off is at 1200 so please come along and support both the Titans and the Warriors lads.

Warriors Prepare for Initial Battles

posted 7 May 2013, 03:12 by Aberdeen Warriors

Aberdeen Warriors have already been training hard and will keep the push going this week leading to the North of Scotland Rugby League games where the Reds face off against Kinloss Eagles and the whites will face off against Moray Titans.

The Warriors had a training game on Saturday 4th May where some of the youth talent from last year are stepping up into the Open Age set up. "The youngsters have really impressed me today, they are showing great promise and very physical for their age, some of the players are very skillful and you can see why they have been selected for their respective Scotland age groups" says Scotland A player Stuart Gray. 

"We have a hard week of training ahead of us and need to keep pushing each other to keep improving across the board. The young players once again are testing the senior lads and the young 16 year old's have no fear in putting hits in, carrying the ball and using their arsenal to beat their opposite man. The game we had between ourselves on Saturday showed me just how good our young developing players are and I cant wait to see them play this weekend up North with some more experienced guys around them" Said Head Coach Craig Parslow.

Both teams travel to new comers Kinloss Eagles where the First of 2 Moray Magic weekends will happen, the second to be in Elgin at the Doocot later in the season. This has been done to bring the three Northern Clubs together and help promote the game in the Kinloss, Elgin and Moray areas as well as 2 Aberdeen Magic Weekends. 

Stay Tuned for the team Selection and confirmation on KO times and venue.

Four Warriors Make Club History by making Scotland A

posted 5 Apr 2013, 23:01 by Aberdeen Warriors

Four senior players from the Warriors have made club history to be the first players to be selected for Scotland A Squad in the 2013 Home Nations Championship.
Aaron Robertson, Stuart Gray, Dan Retter and Ali O'Connor (sponsored by Speakerbox PR) were the 4 players who managed to get into the 30 man train on squad. Dan Retter the youngest of the four says "Its a dream come true being selected into the 30 man squad, I am extremely greatful for all the help and support that my family, friends and club have shown but I now need to train harder and work on my game to ensure I stay in the squad"
The Warriors now have 11 players from the senior Squad representing Scotland at various Levels in the 2013 season. Jordan Robertson (younger brother of Aaron), Damien Gennochio, Gavin Reed, Mitchel Scott, Carwyn Walker, Bobby Stables and Aidan Holland are the others who are all in the pathway programmes. 
"It was only a matter of time in my opinion before some of the players got drafted into the squad especially with the way our youth players are developing" Said Chairman Craig Parslow. The club keeps growing and more and more talent keep shoing up. 2013 will be an exciting year for the club and I cant wait for the Season to start on May 4th where we will host the first of 2 Aberdeen Magic Weekends and hopefully kick off with the double win at home. I know that the Titans have been getting stronger each season and have been working extremely hard in the off season I'm looking forward to seeing them play as they also have a player selected for the Scotland A programme. We will also welcome newcomers Kinloss Eagles into the Northern League who are made up of no doubt hardend soldiers from 39 Engineer Regt who are based up there.

Pre-Season Game V Edinburgh Eagles

posted 3 Apr 2013, 05:35 by Aberdeen Warriors

With the 2013 season drawing in fast Aberdeen Warriors will travel to Edinburgh on April 27th to have a pre-season friendly against fellow 2012 Grand Finalists and the 2012 winners Edinburgh Eagles.
All players or supporters wishing to attend please email to book a space.

Pre-Season Training

posted 3 Apr 2013, 05:31 by Aberdeen Warriors

To all new and old players, Aberdeen Warriors will start the 2013 training sessions at 1830 on Wed the 10th April at the playing pitches next to Old Macher Academy in the Bridge of Don, (close to Asda and the Jesmond Centre). After that (as of the 16th we will be training every Tuesday and Thursday.
I look forward to seeing you all there to kick off the Season.

Warriors Make it to the Scotland U18 Squad

posted 29 Mar 2013, 11:55 by Aberdeen Warriors   [ updated 29 Mar 2013, 12:05 ]

The Aberdeen youth system seems to be continuing to pushing out talent with players being selected into the Scotland U18 set up for a 3rd year in a row.

Youth players of Carwyn Walker, Damien Gennochio, Jordan Robertson, Mitchel Scott and Gavin Reed have all been selected into the squad. Gavin and Carwyn are both in their 2nd year with the U18 set up and have proven to be first class players in the Warriors Set up.


Gavin who gained scholarship at Wakefield College is relishing his time playing rugby league down there and feels he is becoming a stronger, fitter more mature player and is looking forward to pulling on the Scotland and Warriors jersey again.


Head Coach and Chairman Craig Parslow states "With the local talent that keeps coming through just amazes me, to help these youngsters progress and we have taken them up into the senior team to help develop their game and bring them on and into a more professional type environment that they will receive playing for their country. This is going to be a very exciting year and I look forward to seeing the players come on and wear both the Warriors and Scotland badge on their chest."


The other players have also just stepped up from last year’s Scotland U16 side where they all seem to be developing into the next generation of rugby players for the northern club. Damien the youngest of the players had this to say "It’s an honour to be selected for the U18 side especially with the class of players that are about at the minute and I look forward to playing in the Scotland Jersey this year, Its also nice to have the belief of the Senior boys behind us and to be asked into the senior squad is awesome and I cant wait to be a part of it."


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